Feedback about Blog//Update

Hey everyone, this is not going to be a regular post this is just temporary. I would like to here any feedback about my blog: positive or negative, how I can improve it, what would you like to see more of/less of, suggested posts, would you like me to post more often or less often, time wise of posting, etc. It can also be some of your favorite posts of mine, or what you like about my blog different from others, etc. I am a newer blogger so I just want to see how things are going since it’s been a month since I started this blog. Anything you can think of just please feel free to comment it down below! I am very eager to hear some feedback so please comment!

A little update also; I do plan to do my first/a small giveaway once I hit 100 Blog Followers on my Blog, so let’s get that number up for the giveaway! I have roughly about somewhere around 50 bloggers following me, and then quite a bit more from my email subscribers! I also will be doing my first travel post on my blog, it will be my San Francisco Travel Photo Diary, it should be up sometime Monday afternoon.

I also highly recommend following my instagram:  for current updates, photos, new post reminders, and more! Thanks for reading, please do not forget to comment any feedback, positive or negative (just keep it at least somewhat friendly) :)!

With much love, Ariana. 💖 

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