Smashbook with me: Seattle Edition!

Hi everyone, I’m back with another creative blog post today. I apologize for not posting the other day, I had an advising appointment to pick out my classes for College. Anyways, today’s post will be a smashbook with me, if your unfamiliar with a smashbook, it’s a more creative/less organized version of a scrapbook. I’ve had this smashbook for about two years already, and I usually use this only for my vacations or major events. Today, I am going to smashbook my Seattle trip! I hope you all enjoy and get some ideas of creativity to try out.

Things you will need: 

  • A smashbook
  • Pictures (I recommend printing them out on paper for a smaller size).
  • Scissors and a glue stick
  • Travel souvenirs such as; (tickets, Polaroids, stickers, hotel keys, dried flowers, etc.)
  • Pens of your choice

Starting off, make sure you have everything you will need in order to start.



I started out by cutting out my Seattle header that I printed out on a piece of paper. I also used a fun print pair of scissors to give the words a cool look. Then I cut out any other pictures or words that I was planning on using.


I then glued down a few pieces (a part of my boarding ticket) and started to have an idea on my layout. I added two cute plant stickers on top and then added a cute plant washi tape border around my boarding ticket.



I then taped down my Polaroid photo in a spot where I thought it fit well.


I then thought of this cute idea to cut a lavender colored paint sample panel for this idea I had in mind to put my dried lavender onto.



Excuse the quality of the photo itself, it was zoomed in this photo, but I really loved the way it came out.

I then wrote “Emerald City” with a green marker to fill up some empty space. Unfortunately my handwriting is not the best, therefore I usually just type out what I want to see, but at least it gives my page some character.



I then taped my hotel room key slot onto my page in the corner, where I thought it fitted perfectly.

One of the last things, I did was cut a photo and use this pretty floral background out of a magazine to layer the photo onto, to give it dimension.


I also forgot to mention, on the bottom of this page, I taped down my admission ticket from the Chihuly Garden & Glass Musuem. I added a few other smaller details, that I did not document and then came with my final product.

Here is the final product of my Seattle trip on my smashbook!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am happy with the way it turned out, it’s not my best one, but I still love it! I had fun showing you all how I smashbook, and if you’d like to see more then do no not forget to like and follow my blog. In the future, I just may show you all the other ones I’ve done from previous trips. If you enjoyed this post then do not forget to like it and please subscribe with your email in the sidebar, to be notified of new posts through your email, (be sure to confirm subscription in email). Also make sure to follow me on my social media pages down below, I will follow back all other fellow bloggers!

until next time, ariana. 

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Seattle Travel Photo Diary | April 2018

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be another Travel Photo Diary, Seattle edition! (Check out my San Francisco one if you’d like) Just about almost two weeks ago, I went to Seattle for the first time with my parents. It was just a weekend trip, however we did so much in the small amount that we were there! I’m so excited to be sharing some of the cool pictures I took while I was there!

(Also, do not forget to click the photos for a clear look in the gallery).

Thank you for checking out my post, I hope you enjoyed my photo diary (sorry it’s a bit shorter)! Please feel free to comment below any questions you have on my experience or anything at all about my trip! If you enjoyed this post then do not forget to like it and please subscribe with your email in the sidebar, to be notified of new posts through your email, (be sure to confirm subscription in email). Also make sure to follow me on my social media pages down below, I will follow back all other fellow bloggers!

See you back on Friday, Ari. 

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My Inflight Travel Essentials & Go-to Traveling Tips

Hello beauties, I’m back with another post today! I apologize for not posting this past week, it was such a hectic week, however I finished all my classes, so now I have more time to blog! I am so excited for my upcoming posts; I recently came back from my Seattle trip, and have some pretty exciting travel posts for you all coming up soon. For today’s post, I am going to be telling you some of my on-flight essentials and my go-to tips for traveling. Hopefully these are as beneficial to you, as they were to me.

Let’s start off with my in-flight essentials, shall we.  These flight essentials are always in my carry-on, to make sure I always have my necessities with me at all times.

Travel Essentials 

#1 Neck Pillow

Okay seriously a neck pillow is a must for any flight, especially those long few hour flights that seem to dread. This was my first trip, that I actually brought a neck pillow with me, and let me just say this is a game changer for flying. They make seating so much more comfortable, preventing your neck from cramping up. I highly recommend purchasing one from Five below, Tj Maxx, or Target for an inexpensive price.

#2 Headphones & Charger

They worse feeling ever is realizing that your on a plane and you forgot your headphones…. Most airlines have some for purchase, but in my honest opinion they are very uncomfortable with the cheap material they are made of. Who also wants a completely charged phone on the plane? ✋ Make sure to always keep your phone charger in a convenient area in your carry-on. So do yourself a favor and save yourself some trouble and just do not forget your headphones and phone charger.IMG-4977

#3 Facial Spray or Toner

Seriously this is another must-bring flight  necessity! My favorite spray to bring is pretty much any of the Mario Badescu facial sprays [on this trip I brought the lavender facial mist}, they give your face a refresher and sometimes a face boost. On previous trips, I’ve brought the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water Mist, it works just as good. Facial mists help get rid of the dryness in airplane air, but also that oil residue on your face. Also, if you tend to get oily skin like me, then spray a few squirts onto your face, then oil blot your face for this rejuvenated feeling.


#4 Things that will keep you occupied

Pretty self-explanatory right? Always make sure to bring something, whether it’s a book, some homework, a laptop, coloring book, or whichever is something that you can do. I personally am not a big sleeper on flights, so I prefer to keep myself busy with some of the things mentioned above. A little tip is to head out to your local library right before your trip, to check out some books you would be interested reading on your flight, (the bonus is that it’s free!) I also know that more airlines now have free entertainment through your phone or tablet, which is awesome, cause you could watch some cool movies.IMG-4976

That completes most of my travel essentials, (of course I have more, but then this would be a long post, therefore I keep it to the go-to’s). Next up are some of my basic travel tips, to help make your flight a little less chaotic than it already is.

Traveling Tips

  1. Keep an extra outfit in your Carry-on: I cannot stress this enough, it is extremely important to always have an extra pair of clothes! Long story short: Last January as I was traveling home from Puerto Rico (through a connecting flight); a flight attendant sent my {checked-in} bag to a different location than where I was going, and I was stuck with no fresh clothes that whole day of traveling. 😡 It was awful, because it took so much traveling to get home and I felt gross and they shipped my bag to my house like 5 days later, so it was extremely annoying and I learned my lesson to always bring an extra pair of clothes, (also can be if something spills on you or your uncomfortable in what you’re wearing).
  2. Pack two dryer sheets in your suitcase: You will thank me later on for this. I highly recommend packing two dryer sheets in between your clothes, this will help them stay fresh and smell great for both clean and dirty clothes!
  3. Pack an empty tote/recycled bag in your suitcase: I brought a Trader Joe’s tote bag to Seattle, and it really came in handy when I went shopping at Pike Place Market. It’s the perfect size and especially good to put any little treats or souvenirs you buy throughout your trip, that can be taken as a carry-on!
  4. Organize and plan your outfits ahead: Sounds easy enough, but I find it incredibly easier when I have my exact top/pants/ and undergarment, folded all in one place together.
  5. Pack what you know you will need & use: This past trip, I made it a point to just pack what I really needed. I always tend to overpack, and it helped tremendously to have a packing list to refer to. I saved myself time from packing/unpacking things I know, I wouldn’t use.

That completes, today’s post, I guarantee you that this tips will definitely help! 😉 Comment down below where you are planning to travel to this upcoming summer! I also wanted to thank everyone who participated in my giveaway, it means a lot since it was my first ever, and do not worry because I will for sure have some more in the future!

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See you back on Friday, Ari. 

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