Goal for 2018|Try Something New

Even though it’s mid January, and New Years goals are usually decided during the first week, I am going to give everyone reading this a challenge on a fresh goal for the new year. The goal for all of us in 2018 should be to “Try something new“. Now some of you may be thinking well, that’s already what “I do”, but here comes the challenging part once you try something do you give up and never do it again? Most of us will have this expectation before doing something, and whenever we believe reality “fails us“, we decide to never do that again or even sometimes never try anything new again!

Trust me, I have always tried new things, but whenever something did not work out for me or one tiny negative moment ruined the rest of the experience, I found myself in a bubble at home stuck in a runt for quite some time.

As the new year came I decided that changes will be made. And now here I am! I took a risk by starting my own blog and although this is only my 2nd post, I’m glad I did! So whether it’s taking a meditation class every week, writing in a journal everyday for a month, or even joining a club that you usually would not be interested in.

Jump out of your comfort zone and take that risk, go out and try something that you will have to commit to for at least a month. At the end of the month, reflect on your journey of that experience, if it was positive then consider keeping up with it, if it was negative then at least you did your part and tried something new, that’s all that matters.

Comment down below some of your New Years goals/resolutions!⇓

With much love, Ariana.


“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”  – Paulo Coelho


What’s in my Ipsy Glam Bag for January 2018?

Today, I am going to be showing what I received in my glam bag for the month of January. If you are unsure what Ipsy is well, it is a monthly subscription for five beauty products (usually travel size, however sometimes full size) that is personalized for just you,  that costs $10 a month plus free shipping for your glam bag. At the end of each month, you will rate each individual product and the glam bag as a whole. The ratings will then influence your next month glam bag. Also, each month there is a different theme that might contribute to some of the products you may receive.

I have been an Ipster since April of 2017, since then I have received glam bags that I was obsessed with and others that… didn’t really meet my expectations unfortunately.

The month of January consisted of the theme “Game Face”, which correlates to the new year, that you can achieve your goals, if you simply set your mind to them then anything is possible. Anyways, let’s see what I got in my glam bag!

Game Face themed glam bag for the month of January 2018.

LUÉ by Jean Seo: Balance hydrating & calming serum

I have never heard of this brand, although I am very curious to try it out! I have been in need of a serum especially throughout these winter months. The serum is light and unscented, the directions state to apply after cleansing the face in the morning or at night.


Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm cosmetics: highlighter, shimmer, eyeshadow. 

I absolutely love The Balm cosmetics, their products have a vintage vibe to them and they are just super cute, always work out for me, and they are cruelty-free. The Mary-Lou Manizer is a champagne color that gives a subtle glow to the skin. I have also gotten the Betty-Lou Manizer in a past glam bag, which is a copper bronze shimmer color.


Highlighter brush by SLmissglam: L36 (brush name) collab with Ipsy 

First things first is how cute the actual brush is, it had a pink glittery handle and the brush head is this ombre of a pinkish to a neon purple. The brush itself is extremely soft and has a great precision for highlighter. Will definitely use this the next time I wear highlighter!


Dermelect Microfacial Exfoliating Masque

This is also another brand I have never heard of, but I am very eager to try this face mask out, the packing mentions that it’s a multi-brightening mask that restores dull looking skin to luminous and radiant! Also it is cruelty free so as always that’s a win!


Kissable Liquid Lipstick by Kokie Professional: in shade Mad about Mauve

I believe I have received a liquid lipstick by this brand before, I will say that the shade is gorgeous simply because I love mauve shades. I am not a huge liquid lipstick girl overall but I will give this a try and see how I like it.



Whole Ipsy Glam bag| January 2018


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I received in my Ipsy glam bag for the month of January 2018! Much love, Ariana.


Meet Ariana “thatgirlari”

Hello, welcome to my blog, my name is Ariana Franco and I decided to create a blog to showcase my passions all in one place. My blog will consists of three main categories: Lifestyle, Beauty, and Travel. Anyways, here’s a little about myself: I am a seventeen year old girl, who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, but a full-on city girl at heart. Passionate about intersectional feminism, collaging, and exploring new adventures. Favorites of mine include; rainy days, scrap-booking, netflix, and hot cheetos, lol! I hope that this can be a blog that either helps, educates, or entertains you in your life. 🙂