Monthly Thought//// May 2018

Hi everyone, today’s post will be a new series I’m starting on my blog known as my “monthly thought” that has been on my mind for a sometime now and will be throughout this month. A little of a different post, more personal than my typical blog posts.

Okay, wow I honestly can’t believe that it is May of 2018 already. I feel like new years eve was not that long ago, but boy am I wrong. It seems like these past few months went by way faster, because I was off from school my senior year 2nd semester only taking online classes. As I get closer to my graduation date, the more anxious, I get. I should be excited right? Which do not get me wrong, I’m happy to leave high school, it’s just complicated with the way I feel (will probably explain in another post). Besides actual graduation itself, it’s unbelievable to think that I’m going to be starting college late August. That’s pretty mind blowing to me and I’m very excited for a new chapter of my life, I am just afraid of change. I always have been and will be, good or bad. I turn eighteen in August, therefore I will be an actual adult and that somewhat terrifies me (I know that terrifies a lot of people). For quite some time now, I’ve been feeling nostalgic, reminiscing past memories, and dreaming of what if my senior year turned out how I actually pictured it. My goal for this month is to calmly accept the things I can no longer change“. Easy said than done, but that’s why I’m making it a point to challenge myself, with this mantra for the month.

Hopefully you enjoyed this personal post, it was just a short post to write down my thoughts and how I’ve been feeling lately.

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Much love, Ari. 

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Spring DIY Projects///2018

Hi everyone, I am finally getting around to my Spring DIY projects post! I worked really hard on making these diy’s so I hope you all love them. I also thought it would be fun to show you all a time lapse of my process making these diy’s, hopefully the videos turned out well (this is my first time, lol). These projects are very inexpensive and super cute, not much is required, and they are not difficult at all. There are a perfect way to spring up your living space this Spring/Summer. Without further or do, let’s jump into the fun.

Cute Succulent Plant Pots

Materials Needed:

  • Terra cotta pots (2)
  • Succulents or plants of your choice
  • Martha Stewart Metallic Gold Paint
  • Patio paint in the color of your choice (Blue Bahama)
  • Foam Brush/Paint brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Newspaper
  • Stones or pebbles for planting

Instructions for Painting Pots:

  1. Start by pouring the color paint of your choice to paint your first coat on your pot. (I used a foam brush first, however I switched to a regular brush after the foam brush was not giving the pot full paint coverage.
  2. After painting about 2 coats, you want to set aside your pots to air dry for awhile, about 20-30 minutes.  
  3. Begin choosing your design, I highly recommend Pinterest for ideas! (I first tried to complete a gold triangle on on side, however when I put the masking tape on, it was not fully dried and chipped off a bit of paint. So I improvised and just used two index cards to create a sleek triangle look.)
  4. Take the second color of your choice, in this case it was gold for me. I just began painting the triangle area until coated. (This paint was not as full coverage as I expected, however I did end up liking the marbleized look it gave the pot.)
  5. For your second pot, repeat steps 1-3, either making the same design as the other or choosing a different style. (I first did polka-dots, but I did not like it as much, so I then painted it silver, adding a gold triangle pattern on the rim of the pot.)
  6. Let them fully dry for about a day, resisting any moisture. Then on the following day you may begin to plant them.

Instructions on Planting Succulents:

  1. Once both your pots have completely dried, you can begin to plant them. Start of by pouring in about half an inch of your pebbles into the pot.
  2. Then  take out your succulent (I recommend it to be pre-planted in which most come in, so that you don’t need other soil).
  3. Once I place my plant inside, I spray some water to moisten the soil a bit, pushing down the soil all round the sides to elevate it a bit.
  4. I go in with another few sprays of water to hydrate the soil since it was dry.
  5. Once I get the plant into a straight-up position, I put the black stones all around near the top to equal out the soil level, (the pebbles are good for soil drainage since the roots of succulents do not to well in water).
  6. Lastly, spray your plants with a few squirts of water to hydrate them one last time. (Succulents really should only be watered once a week or once they are dry to the touch).
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Easy Spring Flower Wreath

Materials Needed:

  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Faux Flowers (of your choice)
  • Glue gun
  • Floral Wire Cutters
  • Twine or string
  • Scissors


  1. Start by collecting the flowers you’re planning on using, then using the floral wire cutters, cut them however short you’d like them.
  2. Gather all your floral pieces, then rearrange them however you’d like on the wreath.
  3. After warming up your hot glue gun, begin to glue either on the floral pieces or the grapevine, then placing your piece down, making sure to apply pressure to the glued area.
  4. Continue to repeat Step 3, until you are satisfied with the way it’s looking.
  5. Lastly, cut a piece of twine, begin wrapping it at the top of the wreath, then hot gluing it down, and then cut another piece repeating the same step, until it is fully covered on top.
  6. Your flower wreath is then ready for display!

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Okay so the next one isn’t necessarily a DIY, however it’s a little area that you can create in your room or living space to bring some relaxing vibes and zen into your life. My zen area happens to be on top of my bookshelf and on it I have various Buddha’s to look for spiritual guidance at times, plants for some freshness, and my cute candle. It’s very simple and does not require too much, make it however you’d like. Down below I will state what I have in my area and where everything is from.

Cute Little Zen Display:

  • Geometric Terrarium- Michael’s Craft Store
  • Pebbles inside terrarium- Michael’s Craft Store
  • Real Succulent Plant- (Any Garden Center/store)
  • Faux Succulent Plant Holder- Michael’s Craft Store
  • Buddha’s-various places/mostly in Chinatown.
  • Small Candle- Anthropologie
  • Ceramic (candle) trays- Little boutique (can be found at Homegoods)

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I hope everyone got some great ideas to try for themselves, please tag me on instagram: @girl.who.blogs or let me know if you make any of these DIY’s! Also comment down below which project was your favorite, and do not forget to give this post a like if you’d love to see similar posts in the future! If you enjoyed this post then do not forget to like it and please subscribe with your email in the sidebar, to be notified of new posts through your email, (be sure to confirm subscription in email) also make sure to follow me on my social media pages down below, I will follow back all other bloggers!

much love, Ari. 

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Spring Break Ideas To Do if You’re not Traveling | 2018

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well. Spring break season is near, or you may be currently on spring break, whichever it is , I decided to tell you all a list of activities to do throughout your break. Spring break can still be a blast even if you’re not traveling. I will give you guys a guide to adventure and bursts of fun to do this spring break!

Spring Break Guide:

  • Head out to your Local Mall:Treat yo self, girl!” Go out and treat yourself to something you really have been wanting, whether it’s a new pair of shoes, a highlighter, or a bath bomb. Head out with some friends or family members to make the most of your time there, and even go out to eat! Do not worry if you cannot shop, window shopping is always fun, then take some funny mall pictures with your friends. I also recommend checking out your local shopping mall website to find out what events are happening that weekend!
  • Movies, Popcorn, & Movies: Have a Movie day with your besties or family members! It can either be at home or at the theatres, just binge watch on some rom-coms or horror movies while eating some buttery popcorn. Movies are just a great way to take an easy and be comfortable.
  • Spa day/pamper yourself: This was bound to be on the list, a spa day can include of going out to get a massage, getting mani-pedis, or even taking a bubble bath with a face mask on! Make sure to also take advantage of this time, to rest and sleep in as long as you want, have a relaxing day either at home or out, this is an independent activity that gives you time to be with yourself, and perhaps end the night off with meditation or mindful journaling.


  • Day out in the city: Go out an adventure and head to downtown for a whole entire day, go with some friends or family, and act like a tourist in your own city! I live in the Chicagoland area, therefore I go to my beautiful city of Chicago. Go out to dinner down there, take some artsy photos, possibly go shop, and stop at some touristy attractions, (The Bean, Navy Pier, etc.) or even venture out with no plan and look for hidden gems throughout the city!
  • Embrace/Explore Nature: Like the Passion Pit song “Take a Walk”, out in nature, go explore your local forest preserves, go out on a hike, have a picnic, or even just go to a park to lie down and gaze at the clouds. Getting out in nature is good for you, not only by getting vitamin D, but by releasing some stressful thoughts that have been on your mind lately.

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  • DIY or Create Art: Let’s say there’s been this project that you’ve been wanting to make for a while now and you were always busy before, now is the absolute perfect time to get started especially since you have no excuse! There are so many DIY projects out on pinterest, blogs, and YouTube! They can be for your living space, for someone else, or just for fun. On top of that perhaps finish an art project that you started a while back, that being a drawing or painting, unleash your creativity and just go all out!

Hopefully these gave you some ideas for throughout your Spring Break to have fun. Thank you for reading, I am sorry I have been off my blogging game recently, I’ve been so busy, but I am hoping to post on Friday and actually post twice a week from now on. I felt that this post was mediocre compared to others, please comment down any blog posts you’d like to see on here, I have some ideas, although it will take a bit of time to complete some of them. So if you have any requests then please leave them down below!

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xoxo, Ari. 

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