Good Deed Journal for 2018

A guide to a positive year through a Good deed Journal for a month. 

  1. Smile at everyone for a whole day, even if they’re strangers. A smile to someone might help brighten their day and also yours.
  2. Give a stranger a compliment. Make someone’s day with a flattering remark.   
  3. Pay for the person behind you. A simple deed that includes purchasing a meal or drink for a random person will give them a pleasant surprise.
  4. Leave a kind note on someone’s car, locker, or desk. You never know what kind of day the person may be having.
  5. Donate to the homeless. Whether you donate food, clothes, or money, just donate. It’s very important to be thankful for all the things you have in your life but also to give to those who don’t have the same as you do.
  6. Thank someone who means alot to you. Appreciation goes a long way and that person may just need to feel like that their existence is appreciated.
  7. Think positively all day; you’ll notice how those thoughts reflect on your mood and others in a favorable manner.
  8. Volunteer to help those in need. Pick a place and set a goal to give your time and assistance to them. It can be at a homeless shelter, dog shelter, or retirement home, for example.
  9. Write a note or letter to someone – it – can be someone you know or a complete stranger – and leave it somewhere public where they are most likely to see it. For example, leave it on a car, inside a book, or on a desk.
  10. Speak to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Ask them how they’ve been and tell them how much you miss them; you may just rekindle your friendship with them again.
  11. Help someone out with something. If you see anyone struggling with anything then give them a hand, for example: placing heavy items into their car from the store.
  12. Share the thing you love most with the people around you. They can be people you don’t talk to or friends and family members.
  13. Surprise a loved one with a favorite thing of theirs. This can unexpectedly make his or her day feel special.
  14. Give someone a kind, motivational message that is heartfelt. People sometimes just need to be reminded that there is always hope.
  15. Support someone who you think is in need of some help. Ask them what you can do to make things better.
  16. Hold the door open for someone even if you’re in a rush or have your hands full. The person will be thankful.
  17. Believe in something; it can be believing in your God, in ambition, or in something great.
  18. Appreciate everything that by showing gratitude to all that you’re thankful for.
  19. Have faith in whatever it is that’s worrying you. Everything will be okay and turn out just fine.
  20. Trust your friends, family members, coaches, teachers, spouse, etc. Just trust that they will support, believe, and be honest with you.
  21. Empathize with those that are struggling and feel overwhelmed. Let them know that what they are dealing with is just temporary.
  22. Love someone and let them know that they are loved and worthy.
  23. Seek the things in life that make you feel joyful for being here. Everything around you will radiate positive vibes in your life.
  24. Do the spectacular greatness that you were destined to do. Go find it and achieve your capabilities.
  25. Dream beyond the limits; everyone has the potential to succeed and achieve their dreams. Keep working hard and believing in what you do.
  26. Enlighten someone by giving them an understanding of what their life should consist of for a happy lifestyle.
  27. Open up to someone on all that your mind is filled with. Have them do the same with you and you both will notice how amazing it feels to let go.
  28. Respect all types of people. This may seem like something that should be done everyday but the truth is that it’s not and people sometimes forget that everyone’s human.
  29. Change the things you want to change. You deserve to be heard and sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we have the power to change the things
  30. Hope for greatness in this world. Although there are hard times in life, there is and always will be hope to hold on to.
  31. Be the best version of yourself. Reach all that you can. Believe in what you truly think. Love what you do. And hope for the change you’re looking for in life.

much love, Ariana.


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