Self-Love Talk | Valentine’s Day 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies! Today is the day all about love and on that note, I want to post something a little more personal today, to talk about Self-Love and the struggles I have with it. Self-love is a complex issue that many of us struggle with, both women and men.

It is quite unfortunate the society that we live in. The pressures given to us at such a young age to societal disapproval of who we are. Loving yourself is not as simple as some may believe, the constant battle is between being accepted by those around you and often comparing yourself to another person.

Believe it from a self-conscious girl, who struggled with loving herself for the longest time, and to this day still struggles. The harsh reality of life is that you are not going to be accepted by everyone you encounter in life. There will be people who despise you, will want to change you, and will not accept you for who you are. For those people who are like that, well then it’s their lost, that is a reflection of their character not yours. 

One of the hardest concepts in my life is constantly comparing myself to others. I hate the fact that sometimes life seems like a competition with all these other people. Knowing the fact that there will be always be someone prettier than me, smarter than me, and well better than me, but life should not at all be about comparing each others values. We are all uniquely created with our own specialties. There is something about you that someone else will not have and you should cherish that.

Something I am and have been working on for a few months is the notion of radical acceptance, to accept something I cannot change and to stop fighting with reality. It does not mean I am okay with it or that I will get over it, it means that I will accept it for what it is. Self-love is about accepting ourselves for as we are and acknowledging our flaws. If you need a little reminder just remember that self-love is a journey that we are still discovering. Do not forget that you are loved and are worthy of affection. So for today and all the other days to come, practice self-love, tell yourself what you love about yourself, and do not forget that it is okay to put yourself in front of others.

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From a time I practiced self-love. June 2017.

This was a more personal post, I think every once in a while I will plan to post something on self-love, I hoped this helped you, and it gave you some insight on the common struggles humans endure with self-love. Feel free to comment down any positive radiation, to spread the love to others. If you enjoyed this post then please subscribe with your email in the sidebar, to be notified of new posts through your email, (be sure to confirm subscription in email) also make sure to follow me on my social media pages, down below!

With much love, stay beautiful lovelies.

Xoxo, Ariana. 💖 

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12 thoughts on “Self-Love Talk | Valentine’s Day 2018

  1. I love this post! It’s so inspiring for many people who also struggle with this. I also struggle with comparing myself to others and we always think about the worst of ourselves. Thank you for talking about self-love!

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  2. This is great! I myself struggle with comparing myself with others. The down side of this is that most times we compare the worst side of ourselves to the best sides of others. We all need Self-love from time to time because there will always be someone better, more beautiful and more intelligent than we are.
    #I Love Myself Flaws and All

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